Facebook Ad Hacks

Top 8 Facebook Ad Hacks To Increase Conversions

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Facebook, if used in the right way, is an incredible platform for your business. It’s loved by almost all advertisers and marketers due to the precise targeting options and the affordable costs it offers.

If you have some following on your Facebook page, then a carefully planned Facebook ad campaign can get you a lot of conversions. But you must know all the ins and outs of carrying out campaigns on this platform for it to be successful. This knowledge can cost you some time and also some money.

Proper research is the most crucial thing you should do, before anything else. And then there are some other things that you should be mindful of. In this article, we’ll be covering 8 hacks that most top digital marketing agencies use, to drive down their costs and drive up their conversions.

1. Knowing The Right Audience

Since research is the most important factor, it’s best to research your audience before you even start planning. Facebook is a widely populated platform and your challenge is to pick out and target the people who would be interested in what you’re offering. You’re always at war with your competitors in this regard, therefore having some detailed knowledge about your target audience will go a long way in driving down your competition. Moreover, you can use that information to make target-specific advertisements that are most likely to get a lot of attention and engagement.

2. Take Care Of The Ad Frequency

There are no specific numbers when it comes to ad frequency but it’s something that you should and have to figure out over time. People tend to easily get annoyed if they keep on seeing the same content again and again. You don’t want your target audience to label you as spammers. Therefore, it’s best if you find a perfect balance. The perfect balance lies anywhere between 3 to 8 ads on your audience’s newsfeed. Anything more than that is dangerous territory.

3. Time Your Ads

The timing of your ad also matters a lot. You might have noticed that on some days, your ads don’t get much engagement while on some days, it’s the opposite. This happens because no campaign ever runs perfectly 24/7. You need to figure out the perfect timings when your audience is active, wherever they are to get the most leads and engagements. This can be done through the analytical tool that Facebook offers, like its Business Manager.

4. Keep Your Content Precise & Catchy

Your ad content must be catchy. Most importantly, the headline of your ad should be very precise and persuasive. Research shows that 70% of people only read the headline of the ad before they share it. Video content tends to get a lot of attention as well. So, make sure to make use of that. It’s best to keep the textual content low and the animated and pictorial content high as that makes up some really attractive ads.

5. Use Facebook Messenger Ads

Ads on Facebook Messenger are cheap and also very effective. Many marketers are now using page ads as Messenger ads. Using the ad manager from Facebook, you can place the ad appropriately, on the homepage of Facebook Messenger. The most major benefit of these ads is that you can directly send your website link and start a conversation with your potential customers. These conversations are run by bots who are programmed to direct the customers towards the best offers.

6. Show Some Social Proof

People tend to have more faith in brands that have social proof, some testimonials, and some clients who have tried and tested the products that you’re offering. Therefore, it’s important that you have a lot of social proof on your page. This can be done by linking your other social media platform profiles with your ad posts. Moreover, you can also upload testimonials and experiences of high-profile clients. And you can also show numbers or statistics of people using your product.

7. Make Use Of A/B Testing

Even though the A/B Testing offered by Facebook isn’t the most reliable, it still is something that you should definitely do. Through A/B Testing you can test out different variations in your ads and find out which one works and looks the best for your brand. It’s a great way to have some knowledge in advance about the type of ads that you will be posting.

8. Create Appealing Landing Pages

Landing pages play a huge part in the number of conversions you’ll be getting. So, make sure that your landing page has an attractive design, with lots of colors, imagery, and video content. Make separate landing pages for separate ad campaigns to get better results. Make sure that your landing pages clearly define what your product is about and have a clear CTA as well.